Decorating in the Winter Months

Well hello freezing temperatures and a polar vortex hitting Canada this week! Hope you are keeping bundled up and toasty warm. Brrr! So, this winter in order to deal with the frigid arctic vortex temperatures of -35, I found it’s best to embrace the frost and decorate my home with “Winter Themed” accessories that created a warm and cozy setting!

Here are some images I have found on Instagram to help you visualize this cozy look.


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Here are my tips for creating this look.

  1. After Christmas decorating, make sure you have put away all decor relating to Santa, reindeer or berries – basically most if not all of your “red” decor.
  2. Take inspiration from nature and introduce/keep birch branches, pine cones, white or beige candles, green branches, baskets, brown and white sticks – lots of sticks!
  3. Keep fairy light and/or warm battery-powered LED lights. These you can put into vases with pine cones (like I have) or drape them around a window or your fireplace mantle.  It will give a lovely warm and cozy ambience.
  4. Add faux fur blankets and throws in light shades like white or beige.
  5. You can also add winter themed wall art, then once the winter is over replace them with your regular pictures. I added a lamas with scarves picture in my living room 🙂

And this is how I decorated my living room and dining areas!


So keep warm this winter and happy decorating friends! Next blog I’m working on is Home Organization- closets! Stay tuned.


Dominika Pate

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