My Walk-In Closet Makeover – From Drab to Fab!

I’ve lived in my apartment for 6 years with a walk-in closet (how lucky for me!), but I never found the need to decorate it. I would think ‘it’s just clothes in there, who cares?’ but I’ve been SO wrong…

Recently, I’ve been inspired by a trend in decorating closets, nooks, laundry rooms and even pantries! They are ‘spaces’ after all, so why should they remain ugly and boring? I decided to give it a go! I couldn’t fathom walking into a drab closet space anymore painted in standard Magnolia – ugh the horror!

I started my closet project last month. First, you really need to clean it out and go through your clothes. I adopted the KonMari organizing method and if you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo you MUST Google her. She is the Japanese phenomenon behind organizing and she changed the way I look at closet spaces and its organizational methods. Here is her link to her website AND she has a show on Netflix! It’s a must watch if you are serious about tidying up. Emptying the closet was daunting, but once I started, seeing all my clothing laid out on the bed was quite the awakening. Sorting through the clothing was quite a therapeutic process for me because I have A LOT OF CLOTHES! I won’t share a picture with you because it’s quite scary. For the clothes that no longer ‘sparked joy’ I said thank you and added it to a donation box. I always donate as I believe in the ‘One Woman’s Garbage is Another Woman’s Treasure’ philosophy. Of course I re-hung everything I kept according to type, style and colour. This did take some time but the end result is very rewarding and cleansing.

For the design, my idea was to paint the whole interior of the walk-in closet black to give it that ‘lux’ vibe. This was a picture I saw on Pinterest and it was my design inspiration…

I used Valspar Paint (paint and primer in one) in Black Well eggshell finish. I painted the walls, from top to bottom, including the shelves. I had several designer shopping gift/bags from my past shopping sprees (why would you ever throw them away?) and decided I would be fabulous idea to frame them and display them in my newly redecorated closet! After framing the shopping bags, I put up a nice big mirror and hung the pictures around it. I added an accent chair to sit in when trying on my shoes! Oh ya!!!

Here are the pics of the project:

I’m so happy with the outcome! What a difference right? I’ll be buying a little chandelier for my ceiling light fixture too, so sign up for my Instagram page – Dominika Pate Interiors and watch this project develop. On my next blog post I’ll be showing you how you can frame little designer bags! Here’s a preview…

So, go ahead and give your closet a makeover! Wallpaper a wall, paint something fun! It’s a space that you can use your creativity in.

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area I’m available for design services. Contact me on or visit my website

Love and hugs,


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