Decorating in the Winter Months

Well hello freezing temperatures and a polar vortex hitting Canada this week! Hope you are keeping bundled up and toasty warm. Brrr! So, this winter in order to deal with the frigid arctic vortex temperatures of -35, I found it’s best to embrace the frost and decorate my home with “Winter Themed” accessories that created … Continue reading Decorating in the Winter Months

Decorating with Colour and Pattern.

Hello everyone! It's spring, and I'm so ecstatic:) Finally the warm weather is here, phew, the winter was too long! Recently I've been very interested in decorating with colour and patterns and I thought I would share some tips with you, if you're thinking about changing up your space in this way. Although it seems … Continue reading Decorating with Colour and Pattern.

2015 Decorating Trends – Colour ‘Marsala’ from Pantone

First, let me wish you a very happy new year! Some of you may have heard that Pantone released the new colour of the year, and it's called 'Marsala'. A beautiful rich brownish red! This colour is easily transferable into any interior, but it's best to use this colour in a large feature like a … Continue reading 2015 Decorating Trends – Colour ‘Marsala’ from Pantone