My Walk-In Closet Makeover – From Drab to Fab!

I’ve lived in my apartment for 6 years with a walk-in closet (how lucky for me!), but I never found the need to decorate it. I would think ‘it’s just clothes in there, who cares?’ but I’ve been SO wrong… Recently, I’ve been inspired by a trend in decorating closets, nooks, laundry rooms and even pantries! They are ‘spaces’ after all, so why should they … Continue reading My Walk-In Closet Makeover – From Drab to Fab!

Decorating in the Winter Months

Well hello freezing temperatures and a polar vortex hitting Canada this week! Hope you are keeping bundled up and toasty warm. Brrr! So, this winter in order to deal with the frigid arctic vortex temperatures of -35, I found it’s best to embrace the frost and decorate my home with “Winter Themed” accessories that created a warm and cozy setting! Here are some images I … Continue reading Decorating in the Winter Months

Decorating with Succulent Plants

So, you’ve purchased an expensive house plant and within a few months guess what…you let it die a miserable sorry death because you forgot to water it. Oops! If there’s anything we love to accessorize a room with, it’s a house plant. However, many people lack a green thumb or the time needed to take care of their plants. I recommend succulents to those who … Continue reading Decorating with Succulent Plants

Choosing the right area rug size for your Living Space.

I have so many clients and even friends who so often choose the wrong sized area rug for their living spaces. An area rug acts like a frame of a painting or an island what holds the pieces together in visual harmony. Often, people are intimated by the sheer size of area rugs when they are holstered up on rails in the decor store! Yes, … Continue reading Choosing the right area rug size for your Living Space.